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Architectural Windows
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Garden Windows
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Architectural Windows

Arch Tops, Traps, and Octagons

Ventana USA custom bends over 600 vinyl extrusions to exact radius specification to create a variety of architectural window shapes from circles, ovals, cathedrals, ellipses and eyebrows to triangles, trapezoids, octagons, hexagons, pentagons, and rectangles. The quality and consistency of our manufacturing techniques allow customers to precut their own IG units if they wish. The minimum/maximum sizes of a shape are limited only by the performance attributes of the selected profile itself.

We offer custom bending solutions for all your particular projects, check out the Ventana website for inspiration, resources, and description.

Coastal-Industries, Inc. | Architectural Windows from Ventana
Coastal-Industries, Inc. | Garden Windows from Vendata
Garden Windows

Ventana USA’s garden windows (sometimes referred to as “greenhouse windows”) are attractive options for adding light and space to any room in your home.

Series 2050 DP50-Rated Garden Window

Series 2050i Impact-Rated Garden Window

Series 2051 DP50-Rated Stucco Replacement Garden Window

Series 2500 90-Degrees Bay Window

Bays and Bow Windows

A bay or bow window creates the illusion of a larger space on the inside and that extra touch of style to the outside.

Each bay or bow window is built using the high-quality vinyl windows in Double-Hung, Casement, or Picture window configurations, giving you a lifetime of worry-free operation.

Constructed out of oak or birch and sealed to prevent rot and water infiltration, your new window will not only be beautiful, but functional as well. We won’t sacrifice energy efficiency or quality construction while creating your unique, attractive, and innovative window. Each window is custom designed and built to ensure a perfect fit for a remodel, new-construction or even a replacement.

The exposed wood on the interior can be factory- or field-stained or painted, and paired with one of the interior wood laminates available for our vinyl windows. Create a stunning look both inside and outside your home that adds a unique and beautiful flare, detracting from the functionality of your home. Bay windows are traditionally built in three sections with a large picture window framed by two smaller double hung. This formation allows for large, unobstructed views that adds character to your home’s exterior, while also adding natural light and airiness to its interior.

Bow windows are traditionally built with four to six panels that project out and give a more rounded appearance. These windows give a gentle curve on your exterior, offering shape and architectural design to your home’s exterior. Add an illusion of openness and create a focal point in any space

Coastal-Industries, Inc. | Bay Window

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