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Coastal Industries | Series 990 Screens with Optional Panels
Series 990 Screens
Coastal Industries | Patio door bucks
Door Bucks & Patio Screens
Coastal Industries | S850 2-Panel Sliding Window
S850 2 Panel Sliding Window
Coastal Industries | Vinyl Patio Window
Vinyl Patio Windows
Series 990 Screens with Optional Panels

Enjoy the beautiful weather ‘bug free’ and add extra living space with a porch enclosure. Custom manufactured to meet your homes specification. Our porch enclosure will add beauty to your home is available in many colors to match your decor.

Our S/990 Screens are 1″ deep with an 1 1/2″ face, screened with charcoal fiberglass mesh. No mullion bar is needed with this screen, it’s heavy-duty. You also have the option of including Plexi or Tempered Glass Panels (attached using clips and knurls) to create a three-season room. Typically installed inside your railings for easy access.

Our Storm Door Bucks are also 1″ deep with a 2″ face. Both screens and optional Plexi or Tempered Glass Panels are removable and attached using clips and knurls. With or without Stucco kick-plate at the bottom.

We offer H-Channel (1″ deep on both sides) to join together the S/990 or Door Buck System. F-Channel (1 1/4″ deep), or 3/4″ x 3/4 Angle, can be used along the perimeter of your enclosure. Tek screws and #8 x 3/4 screws are also available for easy installation.

Our Series 850 is a beautfully-designed Aluminum Sliding Window, easy to slide and clean for a crystal clear view. A Perfect fit if you have an existing knee wall, or create one using fixed panels (with tempered glass) at the bottom. This window is 2 1/4″ deep and can be oredered with or without a nail fin for easy installation. Both panels slide, with your choice of single-glazed or 1/2″ insulated glass, and a Full Screen.

Coastal-Industries, Inc. |  Series 990 Screens with Optional Panels
Coastal-Industries, Inc. | Patio Door Bucks
Door Bucks

Complete with Glass and Screen Inserts

Door bucks are an important part of the door system, and act as the interior frame into which the assembly is affixed. Our door buck products not only provide an aesthetic finish but they also help with flashing and waterproofing of the building envelope. Download the full specs now!

  • No hardware
  • No zbars
  • No hinge
  • for Porch Enclosure System
  • w/removable Screens Only or
  • w/removable Screens and Panels

Combination Storm & Screen Doors Examples

Coastal Industries | Storm and Screen Door Combo
Coastal-Industries, Inc. | S850 2-Panel Sliding Window
S850 2-Panel Sliding Window

Enhance your home and add living space with a three-season porch. This window is specifically designed for porch enclosures, the panels slide so easily and are simple to remove. This windows has a frame depth of 2 1/4 and can also be used as a sliding storm window, or cellar window.

GENERAL: Horizontal sliding window is Series 850 as manufactured by Coastal Industries Inc.

MATERIALS: Frames and sash are 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy with a nominal wall thickness of .062. Standard finish is bronze or white baked acrylic enamel. Weatherstripping is silicone treated pile.

CONSTRUCTION: Frames have an integral fin around the entire perimeter and should be mechanically joined with screw fasteners. The sill has a slow pitch with weep slots for adequate drainage. Window panel interlocks at central meeting rail.

GLAZING: Factory glazed with 1/2” insulating glass panels. Single glazed option: 1/8” annealed or 1/8” tempered glass.

HARDWARE: Moveable sash is equipped with an all aluminum spring loaded self-locking latch which engages into the frame jamb. The moving sash is equipped with two nylon glide pads.

INSTALLATION: All windows are erected by others in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations without forcing, springing, or twisting. Head and sill members are parallel and square with jambs. A sealant is provided by the erector and applied to provide a watertight seal between the windows and surrounding construction.

SCREENS: Extruded Screen stock, half screens with fiberglass mesh. Optional: full screen. Optional wire: No-See-Um, pet screen and enhance vision.

Coastal Industries | S850 2-Panel Sliding Window
Coastal Industries | Double hung window energy performance chart
Coastal Industries | Double hung window energy performance chart
Coastal-Industries, Inc. | Vinyl windows for patio enclosure
Vinyl Windows for Patio Enclosures

Built-To-Last Custom Window Enclosure Panels

Our built-to-last custom window enclosure panels provide maximum viewing area while offering an unparalleled aesthetic to any porch or patio. Enjoy unlimited views of the outdoors with the versatility of anything from vinyl slider to garden windows. Download the full specs for more details.

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