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Coastal Industries | The Coastal 8000 Storm Window
The Coastal 8000
Coastal Industries | The Pacer - Triple Track Storm Window
The Pacer - Triple Track Storm
Coastal Industries | Arch Angle-Two Track Storm
Arch Angle-Two Track Storm
Coastal Industries | Picture Frame Windows and Deadlite Windows
Picture Frame & Deadlite
Coastal Industries | S850 2-Panel Sliding Window
S850 2 Panel Sliding Window
The Coastal 8000 Heavy Duty

Designed for Home and Commercial use

Top frame designed with water-shed edge. Sash and frame completely double wool-pile insulated for maximum insulation. The sash is designed with ratchet-type stops to allow sash to be raised without holding handles in. Positive locking in closed position for maximum security, as well as a heavy-duty wind-bar, and a telescoping sill piece.

Coastal-Industries, Inc. |  The Coastal 8000 Storm Door

The master frame of the combination storm window is a tubular frame manufactured of extruded 6063-T5 aluminum alloy with a wall thickness range of .055 to .062 The glass and screen panel inserts are manufactured of extruded 6063-T5 aluminum alloy with a mean wall thickness of .055. All master frame dimensions are permitted a manufacturing tolerance of plus or minus 1/8”. Extrusion tolerances are in accordance with those set down by the Aluminum Extruded Product of the Aluminum Association. Corner reinforcement angles or gussets are a zinc casting Zamak. Coil springs are stainless steel. Phillips or slotted head screws are self-tapping stainless steel except installation made in conjunction with wood where screws are aluminum.

All weatherstripping shall be poly or nylon fiber with double-pile side shield at head and sill jambs. Main frame jambs shall be full length double side shield. Meeting rail shall be double metal interlock with wool pile. The screen inserts are of overlapping type with both sides and top weather-stripped to prevent insect entry. Glass inserts when in closed position have a metal interlock at the meeting rail.

The master frame of the window is constructedbutt-jointed at sill and header. Master frame is constructed withself-contained slots to receive 2 screws at each corner to pullsection of frame in tight.

Master frame is constructed with intermediate stops along the side rails to permit controlled ventilation with glass panel inserts. Head section of master frame has a channel as part of frame so that the top glass insert fits into channel closed. Weep holes are provided in bottom track of the master frame to provide the draining of water. Additional weeps are also provided along the lower edge of the expanders attached to the bottom of the master frame. Corners of all glass insert panels shall be of butt-joint construction.

The 2 glass inserts shall be glazed with single or double strength type B glass and set in with marine vinyl glazing. The aluminum sash frame shall be held together with 4 stainless steel screws with pivot pins in top corners. Screening shall be 18 x 16 mesh fiberglass wire held in the insert frame with a solid vinyl spline. Each window has an aluminum extruded mullion attached by 4 stainless steel screws to the center of the master frame

Hidden spring loaded slide bolts of zinc die casting Zamak material are provided as locking devices. FINISH: The entire combination storm and screen window can be supplied in white. A variety of Powder Coat Paint Colors are available for this product.

Attach as needed to suit construction. Apply a uniform bead of caulking compound along jambs and head of blind stop and the master frame set there in. Screws are used on each side and along the top to secure the combination storm and screen window.

Coastal Industries | The Coastal 8000 Heavy Duty Window
Coastal-Industries, Inc. | THE PACER - Triple-Track Combination Storm Window
THE PACER - Triple-Track Combination Storm Window

Available in many colors ~ Unexcelled Beauty and Styling

  • Self-storing of all inserts
  • Fingertip action with positive action stops
  • Automatic tamper-proof locks
  • Top or bottom ventilation
  • Multi-positioning of all inserts
  • Effortless removal of inserts allows for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy reinforced construction
  • Fully extruded 6063 heat tempered aluminum
  • Concealed metal-to-metal interlocks
  • Stainless steel screws and springs
  • Adjustable bottom expander
  • Wool pile weather-stripped
  • Fiberglass insect screening 18 x 14 mesh
  • Marine glazing
  • Individually tested and inspected
Arch Angle - Custom Storm Windows

Arch Angle custom, hand-crafted, thin frame storm windows are designed to be nearly invisible.

Thin, understated frames blend rather than distract and protrude into the beauty and design of the architecture they are meant to protect. They can be make to complement almost any style of architecture. Many of our custom storm windows are already protecting the irreplaceable stained glass in small churches and other houses of worship. Protecting the unique heritage of small churches is our specialty and a service that Arch Angle is proud to offer.

To learn more visit the Arch Angle website to get inspiration and see all styles offered, along with dimensions offered and specs.

Coastal-Industries, Inc. | Arch Angle Storm Windows
Coastal Industries | Picture Frame Storm Windows

Solid-Frame Aluminum Fixed Picture Storm Window

Our Solid-Frame Aluminum Fixed Picture Storm Windows includes a master frame and removable deadlites – held in with clips and knurls that can be removed for cleaning. This storm product is typically used over a non-operating window, however if used for operating windows you can also purchase a removable screen. These storm windows are ideal for those seeking a cost-effective solution for added insulation and protection

Coastal Industries | Deadlite Storm Windows

Deadlite Storm Windows

Coastal offers two thicknesses, 5/16 or 3/8 thick with both having a ¾" face

Our deadlites can be installed by screwing in the frame at the outer edge, using care not to hit the glass. Must order tip to tip make size. Available with Clear Annealed, plexi or tempered safety glass.

Typically used over fixed windows, in our picture storm windows, in our storm doors, and in our Series 990 Screens for the winter months..

Coastal-Industries, Inc. | S850 2-Panel Sliding Window
S850 2-Panel Sliding Window

Enhance your home and add living space with a three-season porch. This window is specifically designed for porch enclosures, the panels slide so easily and are simple to remove. This windows has a frame depth of 2 1/4 and can also be used as a sliding storm window, or cellar window.

GENERAL: Horizontal sliding window is Series 850 as manufactured by Coastal Industries Inc.

MATERIALS: Frames and sash are 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy with a nominal wall thickness of .062. Standard finish is bronze or white baked acrylic enamel. Weatherstripping is silicone treated pile.

CONSTRUCTION: Frames have an integral fin around the entire perimeter and should be mechanically joined with screw fasteners. The sill has a slow pitch with weep slots for adequate drainage. Window panel interlocks at central meeting rail.

GLAZING: Factory glazed with 1/2” insulating glass panels. Single glazed option: 1/8” annealed or 1/8” tempered glass.

HARDWARE: Moveable sash is equipped with an all aluminum spring loaded self-locking latch which engages into the frame jamb. The moving sash is equipped with two nylon glide pads.

INSTALLATION: All windows are erected by others in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations without forcing, springing, or twisting. Head and sill members are parallel and square with jambs. A sealant is provided by the erector and applied to provide a watertight seal between the windows and surrounding construction.

SCREENS: Extruded Screen stock, half screens with fiberglass mesh. Optional: full screen. Optional wire: No-See-Um, pet screen and enhance vision.

Coastal Industries | S850 2-Panel Sliding Window
Coastal Industries | Double hung window energy performance chart
Coastal Industries | Double hung window energy performance chart

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