Your Guide to Window & Door Measurements

Measuring is Key to a Precise, Successful Installation

How to Measure for New Windows and Doors in MA, NH, and ME

Coastal Industries | How to measure a door and window

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Why Measure?

By their very nature, custom windows and doors must fit precisely in order to provide a long-lasting, air-tight fit. That’s why we need exact measurements before customizing your order. Improperly sized windows won’t be able to seal properly, and can result in air leaks and other problems.

Accurate window measurements also save you money, as you won’t have to replace them sooner than you have to when they give you problems down the road. Taking precise measurements can also prevent drafts and warping, and ensure proper window operation.

Once you order your windows or doors, they are customized to your home or business and cannot be returned. For these reasons, it’s important for contractors and home owners to provide us with the most accurate measurements possible. Below is your guide to making sure your measurements are precise.

How to Measure for New Windows and Doors

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